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Real time video without the constraints of wires or Wi-Fi networks.

offers the only streaming video camera that integrates green, wireless and smart technologies in one package.

  • Wireless & Solar Technology - Using Cellular Broadband Networks, WiFi or Mesh you can place our Remote Systems at any location around the world capturing video with our Storage Solutions and/or onboard PC based DVR and viewing in real-time online from any Desktop, Laptop or Smartphone

  • Portable - CamOps Systems are completely integrated and Wireless Solar systems and can be placed virtually anywhere.

  • Energy Independent - Utilizing the solar and/or wind options, simply connect an energy independent source and the System will run 24x7 with no external power source (dependent on your sunlight exposure, expansion options may be necessary for 24x7 operation). If you prefer, you can simply connect the Camera System to 110VAC.

  • Easy Operation - Simply turn the key and wait for the system to register, log in to your CamOps account or directly to your camops system and view video/control data from any online device using(requires Internet service with adequate bandwidth).

  • Simple Installation - Use either the wall mounted or arm mounted systems or choose from any of the optional mounting hardware solutions.

  • Storage Solutions - No need to construct expensive storage networks, facilities or employ expensive engineers. We do it all for you in safe and secure commercial facilities.

  • Multiple Camera Viewing - CamOps Surveillance Solutions allows you to add all of your IP video cameras to our storage and viewing site.

  • Back-up Battery- Up to 48 hours of internal back-up power with modular expansion units for battery and many other functions, just turn on the System, place it anywhere and it will run continuously for up to 48 hours (add a solar panel and/or wind generator for continuous operation.

  • Expandable Solutions - Increase your battery storage and/or your solar panels with an optional expansion package (for limited sunlight areas). As well with the optional signal amplification package you can be up to 50 miles from a cellular tower.

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access - Built in access for Wi-Fi capable computers in proximity to a Camera System.

  • SCADA - (supervisory control and data acquisition) control and monitoring available.

  • Custom Applications - We will engineer design and build to your requirements.

Easy Installation

  • Installation - Easily mount the System with one of the standard mounting solution available.

  • Power - Use the solar panel option with one of the solar mounting kits and no external power connections are required.

  • Viewing - Just turn the key and it will be online in less than 3 minutes and immediately begin viewing your facilities.

Truly Secure Video Viewing, Storage and Archiving

  • Multi User Viewing - View your facilities from any online Desktop or Laptop Computer or Smartphone Device (with Broadband Internet service).

  • Password Protected Internet Access - No user specific software is needed, just log into you CamOps account via the Internet.

  • Recorded Video Storage - Criminals have determined that during a break-in it is to their benefit to remove the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) thereby eliminating the recorded evidence and any method of identifying the perpetrators. The use of camOps Storage Solutions removes this eventuality; the video is recorded and safely stored in a secure and remote location.

  • Recorded Video Download Capability - Archived video images are stored in a secure and remote location. Video images are downloadable for permanent storage by the User at their facility.

  • Archive Viewing - 24x7x365 point and click archive viewing available.

  • Email Alert On Motion Detection - Using camOps server-based Surveillance and Storage Solutions allows instantaneous notification of motion via email and text alert.

U.S. Patent Pending

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